Artist Spotlight: Burr Stegmeyer

Burr Stegmeyer is an art major specializing in jewelry design and fiber arts. Burr, who is from Tallahassee, will graduate in May 2017 with her AA.

Why did you choose to come to TCC?
“TCC was always my first choice for my AA. Going to community college can make higher learning accessible to all kinds of individuals, including those like me who are living below the poverty line.”

What was the inspiration for your art piece featured below?
“This very large embroidery is a self-portrait. As a fat person, it is very important to me to make sure that my body, and bodies like mine, are represented in all kinds of media. I chose to cut my head out of the frame as an effort to reclaim the “headless fatty” trope so often portrayed in fear-mongering news clips about the dangers of fatness. I feel that my decision to use an image of myself in a bubble bath was key – an intimate moment of self-care where I am peaceful, vulnerable, and weightless.”

What are your career goals?
“I hope to design custom body jewelry for piercings. I harbor a lot of lofty ideas about body modification – that taking charge of your body and changing it… becoming someone who feels more at one with your appearance… is a beautiful sort of self-romancing that I want to help others achieve.”

What are your hobbies?
“I love to swim in sinkholes, camp in the ANF, canoe on the Wacissa, play my banjolele, marathon trash TV on Netflix, and eat biscuits with local honey.”

Favorite artist?
Frida Kahlo

Favorite movie?
“The Last Unicorn” when I’m sad; “Beasts of the Southern Wild” when I’m mad

If you could have dinner with anyone in the world (living or dead), whom would you choose?
“At the moment, the unknown medieval artist who wove The Unicorn Tapestries. Or, if you count deities, Frigga.”

Favorite Quote:
“and it’s you are whatever a moon has always meant”
-EE Cummings, [i carry your heart with me (i carry it in]