Artist Spotlight: Jalin Leonard


Jalin Leonard is a second-year TCC student from Tallahassee. He plans to transfer to Florida State University to study Art Studio. He draws amazing cartoon sketches in his spare time.

When did you first discover your love for art?

I’ve always been interested in visual art, more specifically drawing, since I was a kid. Early on I was trash at drawing. I attended the Apalachee Tapestry Magnet School Elementary for one year and they had an art program that I participated in and really found it interesting and from there on I kept practicing my drawing skills.

Who or What inspires you when it comes to your artwork?

I used to watch this television show that aired on Nickelodeon called “Chalk Zone” where there’s the little boy with a magical chalk that allowed him to draw anything. Like for instance, he would draw a circle and it turns out to be a traveling portal for him. And I also watched a lot of videos on YouTube of people’s artwork or videos of them drawing cartoon characters like Marvel superheroes that really inspired me and it still does today.

Either dead or alive, are there any artists that you find interesting or whom you look up to?

There’s this one artist that I took a liking (to). His name is Stanley Lau but his Instagram name is Artgerm. But he works with DC comics and does illustrations for Marvel. I like him because he can do any and everything in different art styles. Whether realistically, or cartoonish. He even does digital artwork on his computer.

Are you majoring in anything art-related, and if so what do you plan to do with that study?

I am working towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Art Studio. And after TCC, I will be transferring to Florida State University to pursue that goal. I plan to either work in Graphic Design or Illustration.


Leonard attempted to do the Art-Style Challenge using TCC student and previous Artist Spotlight, Sedricka Morris as his style preference.

The Art-Style Challenge is a challenge where numerous artists all over the world challenge themselves to re-imagine their art in various cartoon styles. Not only is a challenge but it is a way of improving your skills as well. His art style is very cartoonish, he enjoys drawing different cartoon characters from various cartoon shows. In his spare time, he practices different techniques of art by attempting digital drawing on his computer. His normal preference is pencil to paper, regular sketching. But he enjoys improving his skills by working on self-portraits of himself and others and originalism.

Artist Spotlight: Kris Williams


Kris Williams, nickname Takeda, is a first-year student from Tallahassee. He is planning on majoring in Animation and Film Studies. Kris writes songs and one of his latest creations combines his love of music and video production. It is a song inspired by the recent violence in Syria.

Kris Williams

“Every day we talk about how violence needs to stop, and we need to change. But nobody is doing, they’re just saying,” Williams said “People in their own country are getting murdered, even little kids. And the message is that we need to make a change, stop all these wars, stop fighting with our people Just make peace again so we can live as one.”

Career goals: “To keep writing music, hopefully have everyone support me, to finish college, and to have my career in animation take off.”

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